Tsubame-Sanjo is an area located in the center of Niigata Prefecture. It is a highly dynamic region for metal manufacturing and processing. Commercial value of products from Sanjo City and Tsubame city are about 683.1 billion yen in total. There are about 1,000 wholesalers (including wholesalers of materials) and its commercial value is about 412 billion yen.

The wholesalers stock approximately 300,000 variety of goods and they are ready to be shipped at any time. Also, this region holds many companies with the highest values in shares and with distribution channels inside and outside of Japan in their respective fields, such as industrial kitchenware, related gifts, Cutleries, hand tools and mass merchandise.

These companies will be gathered and will present you with trendy products not only from Tsubame-Sanjo but also from around the world. Please by all means, take advantage of this opportunity and discover new products.

Takao Tano
Tsubame-Sanjo Trade Show Executive Committee Chairperson and
President of Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Product categories

Required time from Tokyo


JR Joetsu Shinkansen About 2 hours

Tokyo station → Tsubame-sanjo Station



Tokyo Nerima I.C. → Niigata Sanjo-tsubame I.C.

Access to the venue

    〒955-0092, 1 Chome-17 Sugoro, Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture 955-0092, Japan

  • 1km from Sanjo-tsubame I.C., HOKURIKU EXPRESSWAY
  • 0.4km from Tsubame-sanjo station, Joetsu Shinkansen

Inquiry from overseas
Contact agency:ECOLE International network Co., Ltd.
TEL. +81-256-33-0471
FAX. +81-256-34-2917